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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Draculaclothing @ facebook

Official Facebook @

They design and sell alternative clothing.
"I started DraculaClothing two years ago, I had walked around in Camden and didn't find anything I wanted. The few things that I liked were very expensive. I had traveled around in India and knew they have some tailors that are the best in the world. So I decided to make a shop that has tailor made clothes at a more reasonable price. One of the ways we keep the price down is by sending the clothes directly from the tailor to the customer.

My girlfriend joined in and we traveled around in Mumbai looking for good tailors. I don't recommend having a taxi holiday in Mumbai;-) Goa is great though.

We have some tailors now that are very dedicated and love what they are doing. The quality of what they make is the best I have ever seen."

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