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Sunday, March 13, 2011

MonsterMania 2011 - outlook for our show this year

We handed out over 100+ circulars from our show. Covered MonsterMania 100%, did it in one morning. Had the opportunity to talk to Lance Guest - Michael Baldwin. Trust me we, the whole cast of our show, did allot this weekend. Except video interviews and photos. Well the promotional part of our show was important.

We came back from MonsterMania 2011 today, we had fun handed out promotional circulars from our show to venders to celebrities. Met up with Rosemary Ward (aka. THE BARONESS) for a interview or 2 for her website Retro Screamers Flashback @ http://www.retroscreamers.com/. So it was a very productive weekend for our show as we met up with friends and celebrities.

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